Nail art has been becoming very popular over the past decade, with a majority of the young people catching up with the trend. Considering that it is not possible to go to a nail salon as often as you want to get nail art done, most women take up nail art by themselves. Until the point of considering to take it up and starting off, it’s all good. But the challenge is, wanting to do something more than what you can at that stage. Many Beginners get stuck right where they started off, just because they do not have any idea or guidance for how to go ahead with it.
Are you that person? Do you see yourself there few weeks or months down the line? Want to know how to get better?
Then read on.

How To Overcome Major Challenges for Better Nail Art

• Lack Of Inspiration
Firstly, start doing a little research to know sufficient about nail art, for all that you can explore and try to do over time. You have nothing else to wait for, once you see the possibilities and areas you can step into. But certainly few weeks down the line, you could run out of ideas and creativity; to tackle that before you get there, become a part of a community. It is very important for all of us as humans, to require constant inspiration and ideas to keep going and keep the creativity alive. In this case, a nail art community is what I’m talking about. Once you have a network of people to keep you going, that’s all you will need in the long run. One such place where you can find the right people and daily inspiration is Nail Art For All. It is the world’s first and largest mobile community for nail artists on Android, the one stop app for everything related to nail art and all that you will ever need to keep going.
Nail Art For All provides a platform for much interaction with all the users. Here you can follow your favorite nail artists; like, comment and share; download or upload your designs to it with the community. It is the best app you can find on the play store, having over 5000 images with daily updates to keep you going and for the community that it holds.

• Lack Of Tools
Over time, every nail artist comes to a point where they are held back from trying many designs and styles. One main reason for this is, not having the tools and equipment to try them out. In this age, there’s an answer for everything. Well, probably not everything. But, there is an answer for this concern of yours. Born Pretty Store, a US based manufacturer and distributor of all nail supplies is right the place for you. It is an online store for everything related to nail art, with nail polishes, brushes, nail art pens, nail cutters, stickers, etc. all at reasonable rates. This store provides worldwide free shipping service to its all customers, ignoring the price and distance with no minimum order requirements. From now on, finding all the tools for your art can never get easier.

• Nail Exhaustion
Never underestimate your nails, neither you must over-estimate them. Let me explain what I mean. Your nails aren’t as simple and pointless as they may seem; they speak a lot about your health-scaly patches, nail clubbing, spoon nails, etc. Hence, it is important to pay attention as you work on them. But, what is more important for us is not to over-estimate them. As useful or helpful they are, rough and overuse of polish and cleaners can damage your nails. For the art to look good on the nail, we must make sure the nails look good and are healthy. So, simple steps like cleaning off varnish and bacteria, trimming nails, washing hands properly and using cuticle oil or cream to clean the nails, etc. can do wonders. Because, it is crucial that even our nails get a break, avoid much of acetone and nail polish removers that have acetone.

Keeping yourself aware of ways to keep your nails healthy will keep your nail art days alive.

Every nail artist has their challenge of not being able to pull off a particular style, rather many styles that they want to try. But, there are various types of nail art depending on their level of difficulty. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert, never hesitate to try something new. Because unless you try, you never know how good you can get at it. Keep practicing and eventually you will get there, maybe much faster. Once you have people to inspire you and share your art with, you got on the right track. Now, all you need to do is, get set and go for it!

Freelance Writer, Nail Art Expert and a Part Time Musician.
Written by an advisor for everything related to nail art with a vision to help women catch up and equip themselves with the pace at which nail art is advancing today.