In the world of the internet, there is a seemingly endless stream of bloggers and posters that provide great financial advice for anyone who cares to listen. These writers talk about how they have seized absolute control of their finances and want to help as many people as they can to do the same thing. However, a lot of them provide content that is understandable by those who aren’t already familiar with finances and the jargon involved. The following five bloggers, in my opinion, offer the best advice that anyone can use to get ahead of the game:

Get Rich Slowly

Recognized by both Time and Money magazines, JD Roth’s blog outlines his personal philosophy of goal setting, effective budgeting, and putting yourself first financially. His credits include his own story of recovering from $35,000 of debt on his way to inspiring financial independence.

Wise Bread

“Living Large on a Small Budget,” this blog is all about using your finances intelligently. This blog covers a staggeringly broad range of topics for smart finances, from opening a Roth IRA account for your children to recycling and reusing common household items to save massive amounts of money.

Money Crashers

The owners of this blog, though in their twenties, provide valuable financial advice that can benefit people of any age whatsoever. They cover all sorts of topics, like investing, credit and debt, family and home planning, will writing services, and even small business management.


Tailored specifically to those who are just starting out, this blog, run by GE Miller, actually provides incredible advice for people of all ages on the subject of spending less and saving as much as you can. The creator’s advice is validated by the fact that he currently is able to put 85% of his income straight into savings.

Consumerism Commentary

Since 2003, this blog covers a wide range of topics related to personal finance and has a slew of review of financial products. The creator, Luke Landas, created the blog as a means of keeping himself accountable for his own finances, and now he shares what he has learned with anyone who will put the advice to good use.

All of these blogs provide truly invaluable advice for anyone who wants to learn more about managing their money and taking care of their future, regardless of where they are in their lives. I encourage you to give them a look!