My brother owns a removal company that specialises in all types of removals; Some of the clients he talks to have had their homes on the market for years before finally getting a sale, while othrs sell within just a few weeks. Surprisingly price does not seem to have much to go with it…so what is the secret for a quick move? It’s home staging.


Need to be ordered, pristine and peaceful. This is especially the case in kid’s rooms – make sure toys and clothes are stored away, curtains are drawn open nice and wide and if possible hung back.

* Beds need to be well made and any clutter underneath pushed as far as possible from view.

* Dog beds must be removed if Fido is lucky enough to be allowed in with you.

* Wardrobes should be for neatly ordered clothes – not for storing random items. Remove clutter as far as possible, especially if they are built in units.

Living Room & Office

The biggest concern here is having things such as shelves, display cabinets and electrical equipment looking untidy and giving a false impression to the size of the room.

* Cable tie wires where possible and ideally make sure they run in a neat line – this is especially the case for computers, TVs and stereos.

* Remove any rugs unless they are pristine condition or covering up a stain!

* Clutter such as rugs, excessive amounts of tables and surface space may need to be moved. The aim is to make these rooms seem ordered and spacious places to work and play.

Points On How To Stage The Home

Staging is giving the impression of welcoming order. If you’ve ever rented a holiday home or even looked through one in a brochure you will see how these people are the masters of the art, being able to show off the best features of each room. Even utility and laundry rooms should be as de-cluttered and peaceful as possible.

* Space has been touched upon already but it cannot be emphasised enough. Remove anything that isn’t necessary – the potential buyers are here to look at your house, not your unique tastes in home décor. The same goes for pictures, photos and so on – having too many hanging in each room creates a sense of the room being tighter than it is. Quality not quantity.

* Plants give a good impression but again it’s important that they don’t take up too much space. Tall plants should be used to add a little character and natural colour to the rooms, but having entire window ledges packed with pot plants isn’t desirable.

* You may be proud of having family photos, certificates and such dotted around the home but again you don’t want to be projecting your character upon the property. It needs to be that fine line between comfortable, welcoming yet anonymous.

Remember that staging can also be a great way of selling or disposing unused furniture and possessions, making moving much easier and giving you a fresh start in the new place!