Even though there are many more vapers today as there were say a few years ago, we can still regard it as being in an infancy stage. Hence many of the rules and regulations are not clearly defined. On the social stage, vaping and how to vape in the midst of others is just as vague. The vast majority of vapers are still not sure about the places in which they are actually allowed vape.

It’s also vital that we establish good habits as vapers so that forthcoming regulations will be favourable rather than hinder our ability to vape in public. Over 80% of vapers are aware that a certain level of consideration for other people is necessary when thinking of pulling out an e-cigarette. Yet there are still many people who claim that too many vapers lack even the basic idea of how to vape in a public setting.

If you’re thinking about vaping openly, it’s better to do your homework first and found out what is acceptable in that area. That being said, many vapers have resorted to what’s known as ‘stealth vaping’ in order to get by in public places. Stealth vaping involves vaping in such a way that bystanders would not even notice you were inhaling and exhaling a puff of vapour – hence the name. However bear in mind, it could be potentially illegal to stealth vape, if you were found out doing it, in a place where vaping is explicitly forbidden. In such a case it’s better to find a place you know has provision for vaping so you don’t have to hide and do it.

Where you should or should not vape remains an academic discussion, but vapers should act responsibly by putting the needs of others before their own. The following five places should be treated with extra special care regardless of the legislation that may apply in your country. These are places where vaping can prove offensive and in some cases potentially dangerous.

1. Do not vape on public transports.
This is self-evident since other passengers are not likely to be personal acquaintances of yours. You have little way of knowing how people you don’t know will respond to your vaping. Some people may also have health conditions which will be aggravated if you start vaping near them.

2. Do not vape inside a moving car.
Whether you’re doing the driving or not. This practice is already illegal in many countries. With the advances in vaping devices enormous amounts of vapour are not unheard of, particularly if you are using powerful coils like these. It’s obvious that huge vapour clouds inside a car can make it almost impossible for a driver to see around them.

3. Do not vape in any confined spaces.
This will include lifts, waiting rooms and public bathrooms. Not only is this offensive it can make it difficult for people to breathe when vapour is locked inside a tight unventilated space.

4. Do not vape inside restaurants.
Long gone are the days where restaurants had a smoking section. The same logic should be applied to vaping where others are dining.

5. Do not vape while standing in a queue.
Public places where respectability is expected no matter what. This would include public banks, government buildings, the courts, post office, and schools etc.